Programs and Similar Projects

Projects for AmigaOS

A MS Windows-like window shuffler which gives you all the windows in a list and you can select which window you want to raise.
A DOS-Handler to create viitenumero, reference numbers for bank deposits.
Finnish (and Swedish) keymap
An Amiga keymap according to the new proposed standard of "Finnish multilanguage keyboard layout" by the project "Kotoistus" ("domestication") run by The Center for the Studies of Native Finnish Languages.

Projects for Unix/POSIX compatibles

C macros for turning on/off stdout debug for ANSI C. The most simple and in most cases the most efficient way of debugging.
Yhteistilaus is an ordering database and a WWW frontend for making the orders. Intended for small business or organization use. Used by the Ecological Food Circle at the University of Turku.
Perl Libraries
Some Perl utilities libraries I have written as part of bigger projects.
A customizable monitoring program, a template for easily implementing all sorts of monitors in a character terminal. Compatibility: POSIX text terminals, inc. Win32

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