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I wonder if the creators of Elfquest, Wendy and Richard Pini, ever could have foreseen what became of their black & white 3 times a year published comic. Elfquest is much more than a mere comic, read for fun or to kill time. It is a phenomenon, an exciting, never-ending story which can, and has, inspired to seek other, maybe more humane ways of life. That is, in my point of view, the main message of elfquest: that there is no trouble, no problem, no obstacle which cannot be overcome with sympathy, tolerance, caring and love. Naturally, you can read it just for the stories, too!

Anyway, as You propably quessed already, I have become badly addicted to it.

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And these are some of the best Elfquest pages in the World Wide Web:

A Pencil

Do you want live like an elf, like a Wolfrider? Following their principles, searching for a life worth living, full of living? Check the guidelines I have constructed!

Elfquest has inspired me into composing short stories and other literature as well. Not only Elfquest related but others too.

Here are a few pieces of Elfquest fan fiction I have created:

Short stories:

black send star

A Pencil

The Blood of Ten Chiefs Antologies

The Blood of Ten Chiefs Antologies are my second favourite part of Elfquest. (Guess what's the most favourite?) Here is a list of all the short stories in the five antologies that have been published. I have arranged them in chronological order, but there may be some overlapping. It doesn't really matter in which order you read them as long as you read the antologies in the order they have been published. Even this isn't obligatory but it makes better sence.

Some clues:
If you want to cry, read the story Stormlight's Way!
If you want to laugh, read the story Hero Worship!
If you want to fear, read the story Genesis!
If you want to get bored, read the story Summer Tag! Just kidding!
If you want to experience something, read Elfquest!

A Cyan Wolf

Needless to say, I think:
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