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To Live Like an Elf: Wolfrider

The Basics to a Good Life

  1. Tolerance and understanding
  2. None of us is like the other. Understanding others, and when not possible at least tolerating their differences as they tolerate yours, is the key to happy living with others.
  3. Courage
  4. Courage is strength to do your own will. It is the power needed to overcome fear in order to follow the right path which you see and know is the right path. It is the vigour you need to defend things that you see are right and go against things that you see are wrong.
  5. Spirit and Body
  6. There are times when the spirit feels it is trapped inside the body, and that it could be so much more without those barriers. But the spirit loves that body it posesses. It loves its weaknesses, its muscles, its limits and its potencies. It would not like to abandon it because it can give so much pleasure and joy, and what would pleasure be without occasional pain and sorrow which only strengthens it. But when the time comes to give up the body the spirit does so willingly knowing it won't lose anything because all things end eventually and ending itself perfects them, the good things most of all.
  7. A complete being
  8. Yours is the sovereignty to your spirit and body, to your muscles and thoughts. Give no one power over them. Follow no one's lead, obey no one's command unless your spirit knows it is true. There is no rule, no law, no code, nor convention not made by humans, nor to be accepted because of its own existence. Only by your own approval can it be accepted, and followed.
  9. Things That Matter
  10. Less matters that which you take by yourself to own than that which others have given to you; only that has true meaning.
    You shall be thanked for your thanks, good deeds shall be paid back and caresses returned.
    Do not strive for things that have no true meaning, no true value to you, both of physical shape as well as those which dwell only in the mind. But do not shun them away either for they are part of life as well.
    But when you know what you want, then struggle to achieve it. There is nothing you cannot accomplish with courage and will.
  11. Living of Life
  12. The life of human is far too short to be wasted on pondering over its nature, nor to be spent on pursuing things of no true value. Every part of life is equally valuable, and life is never far away. It is on everything around you, on things both material and immaterial, on green growing things as things dead as stone. Love life in everything, in yourself, more than anything.
    Care only for that which is important, and can be changed by you. Do not overburden yourself by worrying over things which are inevitable, especially the coming day; it will come whether you think of it or not.
    Do not worry over those which have happened for they are out of your reach, changed into the past which lives forever within us. They have transformed into experience, valuable as such but not meant to be fretted over.
  13. Share
  14. What you have, share. Shared pleasure is twice the pleasure; nothing you have has other value but that of what it can give to you, and that is the value you should give to it.