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Viite-Handler.lha Manual

When You make a bank transaction, i.e. transfer money from one account to an other, for example when paying for rent or Your phone bill, You have surely noticed that long series of numbers which identifies Your payment from the payments of others'. This string of numbers does not consist of just any numbers. It is calculated with an algorithm and this algorithm can be used to check if the payer has written or punched the right numbers. This of course reduces the amount of typos. Viite-Handler is a program to automatically generate those reference numbers.

Usually invoicing requires creating a lot of bills at the same time. That is what Viite-Handler is for. Because it is a Handler, You only mount it once, not run everytime a new. Think about the saving of processor time.

What Viite-Handler does, is create a DOS Device, a handler, from which You can read files, whose contents are the reference numbers.

An example: You have a client with an identification number, ID, 1234 and You want to bill him. You print on the bill reference number which is derived from his ID number. But not just any series of numbers can be a reference number. A reference number is any series of numbers which ends in a specific verification number. This verification number is calculated in a special way.

Viite-Handler works with Finnish banking system. I don't know if it works with others. Viite-Handler, I dare say, is very amigan programming!

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